Meet the voice cast of DC League of Super-Pets

Dwayne Johnson as Krypto: The charismatic actor lends his voice to Krypto the Superdog, Superman's loyal and super-powered canine companion.

Kevin Hart as Ace: Bringing humor and energy to the team, Kevin Hart voices Ace the Bat-Hound, Batman's trusty canine sidekick.

Kate McKinnon as Merton: The versatile Kate McKinnon voices Merton, a sarcastic and intelligent robotic dog with a knack for technology.

John Krasinski as Superman: Known for his role in "The Office," John Krasinski takes on the iconic role of Superman, the leader of the Super-Pets.

Vanessa Bayer as PB: Comedian Vanessa Bayer lends her voice to PB the Pot-Bellied Pig, adding a dose of humor to the superhero animal lineup.

Natasha Lyonne as Flash: The talented Natasha Lyonne brings her unique flair to the character of Flash the Porcupine, known for his speedy abilities.

Diego Luna as Chip: Diego Luna voices Chip the Squirrel, a small but mighty member of the Super-Pets with acrobatic skills.

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