7 Countries To Live Outside the U.S. That Are So Cheap You Could Quit Your Job 

Thailand: Affordable Living in the Land of SmilesThailand is renowned for its low cost of living, making it an attractive destination for those seeking an affordable yet vibrant lifestyle.

Vietnam: Rich Culture and Budget-Friendly LivingVietnam boasts a rich cultural heritage and is known for its budget-friendly living. The country's delicious street food, picturesque landscapes,

Mexico: A Neighbor with Affordable CharmWith its proximity to the U.S., Mexico offers expatriates an affordable escape. From the colorful streets of Mexico City to the laid-back beach towns

Colombia: Emerging Gem of South AmericaColombia has emerged as an attractive destination for expats seeking affordability and natural beauty

Portugal: Old-World Charm with Modern AffordabilityPortugal combines Old-World charm with modern amenities, all at a relatively low cost. Whether it's the historic streets of Lisbon, the picturesque coastline

Ecuador: Affordable Living in South AmericaEcuador, nestled in the heart of South America, is known for its low cost of living and diverse landscapes

Cambodia: Serene Living in Southeast AsiaCambodia's serene lifestyle and low living costs make it an appealing destination for expatriates.


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